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Deliciously Sweet Honey White Bread

  Life these days is so fast and loud, its nice to slow down sometimes. I have always been intrigued by the “old ways” of doing things, and I absolutely resonate with the recent uptick in homesteading trends. However living in a city makes it hard to live out your […]

Great Grandma's Secret Buttercream Frosting

Great Grandma’s Secret Buttercream Frosting

There is one thing that my mother-in-law got me hooked on early on when I met my husband….her mother’s secret buttercream frosting! Whenever it became time for birthday celebrations or special occasions, I silently prayed she’d be making cupcakes with her signature frosting, and the truth is I still do. […]

Mini Apricot Galettes
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Rustic Mini Apricot Galettes

This recipe is inspired by Kitchen Confident and the dough is based off of Food 52’s How to Make any Galette (or Crostata) in 7 Steps.  I’m really in love with this decadent yet rustic apricot pastry. The dough is not too sweet and the tang from the apricot is […]