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About Us

The first culinary experience Brent and I shared together began in a tiny little restaurant, called The Cooks House in Traverse City, MI.  On a cold January night, next to a toasty kitchen with frosty windows, the dinner went long and so did our conversation….and from there, our culinary adventures have always been a part of who we are and what continues to bring us closer to one another and around the table with family & friends.

in the beginning…there were two foodies…


Fast forward 7 years later, we now reside in Detroit, MI, settled in Grosse Pointe Park just outside of the city.  We have two daughters, Myra, almost 4 years old & Nadine, 1 1/2.  Myra is our Monster & Nadine is our Monkey. Typically they are busy testing boundaries, making loud noises, being cute with laughter, and likely destroying the house when it gets too quiet, but they are beautiful little souls and we are so blessed.  We share our love for good food with them in every way we can….even if they don’t appreciate the way we do just yet.    

Checking out the cookbooks - starting them young

checking out the cookbooks – starting them young


At every opportunity, we spend a large part of our free time in the kitchen or grill-side when summer arrives.  We enjoy crafting our own spins on recipes that inspire us to create wholesome, healthy & nutritious dishes while embracing refined simplicity.  You’ll also often find us running away up to Northern Michigan, our favorite corner of the world, where Lake Michigan provides us a sense of adventure & freedom.  Mixmytable is a way of life for Brent & I.  It’s a lifestyle where we attempt to slow down and embrace inspiration from what we love: family & friends, good food & drink, all mixed with inviting spaces & places that draw us to and around the table.  Food is love in our home. Love for our family & friends, our health and spirit.  We believe investing in what we love feeds the soul and gives life to those around us. Our desire is to share a little of that inspiration with you!   

learning to make sole meuniere

learning to make sole meuniere


And with that, cheers to your your own adventures!  We’d love to see and hear about them!  Please share them with us by tagging us @mixmytable and using the hashtag #mixmytable.  Bon Appétit!  

xx – Jen & Brent